Touch-able, laugh-able, discover-able!
That’s what our ebook apps for young children are all about. Made for the iPadTM, iPhoneTM and iPod touchTM, these play, think and giggle picture books combine mini-games, music and more
to keep young minds and hands busy!

Don't Open Before Christmascominsoonforipad
Seymour is about to discover the big secret about Christmas! Presents are like eggs: they need time to hatch just right. Open your gifts too soon and you could end up with a house full of nutty pre-presents!

Nash Smasher!
Meet Nash. He’s a boy who loves to smash everything in sight—that is, until all his crashing and kerblashing turns Sue’s birthday party into a disaster zone. Can Nash use his smashing ways to save the day? Find out in this heart-warming, giggle-packed interactive picture book!

My Dad Drives a Roller Coaster Car
Most families drive a mini-van or station wagon. Not Hank’s family! They all motor around in vehicles from amusement park rides. A bucking bronco from the carousel, a log from a splashing flume, a whirling teacup, a speeding roller coaster car and other nutty rides!