Don't Open Before Christmas
When 8-year-old Seymour can't resist peeking at his Christmas gifts early, he unwraps a wacky holiday adventure! He toys aren't ready to hatch and run amok throughout the house. Will Seymour be able to catch and re-wrap his pre-presents in time for Christmas morning?

Filled with mini games, music to play, and so much to discover, this gorgeously illustrated app will have you and your child humming and reading along!

The “Don't Open Before Christmas” Team
Bill Doyle
Author with Sesame Workshop, Scholastic, LeapFrog, Random House and more

Troy Cummings
Just released a funny new picture book with Random House!

Mark Arenz
Creator of commercials, web gizmos, flash games—plus he’s an Eagle Scout

Rachel Ericson
Designer for Sesame Workshop, TIME For Kids—and other family companies

Paul Liberti
Voices for Blue Clues, Wonderpets, Pinky Dinky Doo—to name just a few