mark arenz
Following Mark’s birth in Cleveland, Ohio in 1970, his family soon moved to Elkhart, Indiana. After catching up with them a few months later, Mark attended school and eventually managed to graduate from DePauw University in 1992. Immediately afterward, he went to work for a media production company in Indianapolis and now spends his days making TV commercials and web gizmos. He’s also an Eagle Scout and still likes to go camping with his two kids Leah and Will- though it is difficult to imagine how anyone that pale has ever spent time outdoors. Mark has been making games of one sort or another ever since he got his first TRS-80 back when dinosaurs roamed the earth: Flash games, iPhone games, even retro text-based games. As a kid, it had been a dream of his to make old-fashioned toys when he grew up, but since he’s never been that good with sharp tools (ouch!) he decided to stick with computers and save his fingers.

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